Bharath M. Palavalli

Attempts at social protection by state governments in India in response to the outbreak of COVID-19

10 March, 2020

Edit 2: PRS Legislative Research has curated a comprehensive listing of tracked orders/guidelines/press releases issued by both centre & states as a response to the outbreak here.

Edit 1: Please do head over to the page being maintained by Dvara Research, they have an updated page with state-wise breakdown available on the page.

In respose to the outbreak of the COVID-19 illness across India, caused by 2019-nCoV SARS-CoV-2, various state governments have been providing different forms of social protection, welfare and relief schemes/programmes/interventions for their citizens. Here is a compilation of such attempts in various states of India. Please do not treat this list as a comprehensive list, and in case you know of efforts not listed here, please feel free to send me an email or let me know on Twitter.


No specific announcements as of 10th March 2020.

No. Type Details Govt. Order Media Links
1 Food 35 lakh underprivileged children as they will now get the food delivered to their home Deccan Herald, The News Minute
2 Pension Two month payout of pension for people coming under APL and BPL categories The Hindu BusinessLine, New Indian Express, The Economic Times
3 Cash Rs 1,000 per person for 21 lakh construction workers Ibid.
4 Loan Waiver Badavara Bandhu (interest-free loan to stret vendors) scheme, has decided to waive Rs 13.20 crore loans for a total of 21,620 applicants. Ibid.
5 Cash Social security pensions and payment to MGNREGA workers for the next two months. Ibid.
6 Provisions Supplying two months of ration to BPL card holders in advance. Ibid.


No specific announcements as of 10th March 2020.

No. Type Details Govt. Order Media Links
1 Cash Rs 5,000 a month to all daily wage labourers and construction workers The Hindu BusinessLine
2 Food Lunch and dinner would be provided for homeless in night shelters The Economic Times
3 Provisions Ration per person is being increased by 50 per cent and it will be provided free. Ibid.
4 Pension Doubled the pension for widows, differently-abled and the elderly for this month for approximately 8.5 lakh beneficiaries Ibid.
5 Parole Providing convicts the options of special parole for 60 days and furlough in case of emergent sitations like an epidemic or a natural disaster The Economic Times


No specific announcements as of 10th March 2020.

No. Type Details Govt. Order Media Links
1 Food Anganwadi centres in Kerala deliver mid-day meals to beneficiaries at their homes The New Indian Express
2 Pension Two months of welfare pension are going to be paid in advance. LiveMint, The Wire
3 Cash Families who are not eligible for welfare pensions will be handed out of Rs1,000 Ibid.
4 Food All needy families will get free food grains from the public distribution system Ibid.
5 Food A subsidised meal program, to give meals at ₹20, will start in April and will be available universally Ibid.
6 Loans Also, loans worth ₹2000 crore will be made available through Kudumbashree Ibid.
7 Tax Relief Tax relief for passenger vehicles Ibid.
8 Tax Relief A reduction in entertainment tax as cinema theatres will remain shut. Ibid.
9 Financial A relaxation in the payment of water and electricity bills for individuals Ibid.

Tamil Nadu

No specific announcements as of 10th March 2020.

No. Type Details Govt. Order Media Links
1 Cash All the ration card-holders would get ₹1000 and registered pavement vendors will get Rs 1,000 through the public distribution system The Hindu, Financial Express
2 Provisions 15 kg of rice, 1 kg of dal and 1 kg of cooking oil for a) construction workers, autorickshaw drivers who are members of the Welfare Board, b) unorganised workers from other States
3 Wages Two days’ special wages for those who had worked under the MNREGA Ibid.
4 Food District collectors to create common kitchens to cook food and distribute it to the destitute, food to be supplied through Amma Canteens. Ibid.